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About AMG Products

AMG Products is a manufacturer of metal gaskets and shims used in applications across a wide range of markets and industries. We are a customer oriented and service driven organization. We value our customers and realize that our success is predicated by your success.

Our Journey

1904 – Akron Metallic Gasket Company founded as a partnership between Arch Kinsel, and William Haynes in Akron, Ohio

  • Pursued the manufacture of metal gaskets primarily for the stationary engine, pump, compressor, and boiler industries
  • Precision metal shims were added during the initial 50-year period

1958 – Company was sold, and ownership changed to Coburn Musser, and John Ake

  • Company name changed to Akron Metallic Gasket Company, Inc
  • New products and new markets were developed including circular non-ferrous metal welded gaskets
  • Growth into new products supported through creation of satellite R&D facility (Qual-O-Tool Company)

1966 – New facility constructed in Mount Vernon, Ohio and name changed to AMG Industries, Inc to better reflect the new capabilities and growth

  • Company acquired and consolidated Rotherm Manufacturing of Chicago into the new facility
  • Company began its expansion into stamping Tier II Automotive products

1972 – McElroy Family assumed full ownership of AMG Industries, Inc

  • Business continued its pattern of growth and market diversification by entering into the exhaust tip, collector, and decorative bezel business

2015 – Business was sold to a family-owned management company based in Akron, Ohio

  • Name changed to AMG Industries, LLC
  • Business continued to expand and diversify supplying complex welded assemblies utilizing its’ vast array of metal working capabilities
  • Patented push-on clamp-less decorative exhaust tip was developed and launched

2023 – Creation of AMG Products, LLC

  • New legal entity formed through a management buyout
  • Purchase included the Metallic Gasket and Precision Shim Stamping business, processes, and product lines from AMG Industries, LLC
  • Situated in a newly renovated 38,000 sq ft facility
  • Management team dedicated to the foundation of AMG’s legacy as the premier manufacturer of metallic gaskets and precision metal shims serving the Oil & Gas and Automotive Markets
  • Our Guiding Principles:
    • Be Curious – Is there a Better Way?
    • Be Resilient – Find a Way?
    • Be Accomplished – Get it Done
    • Be Respectful – Build Relationships


AMG Products