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Industries We Serve

AMG Products manufactures metal gaskets and shims used in a wide range of industries that require sealing and maintenance solutions. Our gaskets and shims are used in high pressure applications found in valves, pumps, condensers, compressors, and heat exchangers. Since 1904, AMG has been serving a wide range of industries listed below.

Automotive industry


AMG Products works with automotive manufacturers to provide gaskets used in engines and exhaust systems to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure fluctuations.

Oil and Gas industry

Oil and Gas

Our gaskets are used to seal connections in pipelines, flanges, and other equipment and shims adjust clearances, tolerances, and alignments, or may act as spacers to fill gaps between parts that are subject to wear.

Pumps and Compressors

Pumps Valves & Compressors

AMG Products is a long-standing supplier of metallic gaskets to the pump and compressor industry providing a range of sealing solutions to address your needs.

Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

We have years of experience working with specialty metals required to withstand the various caustic environments within a chemical pipeline.

Medical industry


Metal gaskets and shims play essential roles in the medical industry, primarily serving as sealing and alignment solutions for various medical devices and equipment.  Metallic shims are used in mechanical components to improve alignment, adjust fit, and enhance the overall functionality of the equipment.

Experience and Solutions from AMG Products

These are just a few industries we have served, and our experience covers a wider range of industries. Whatever industry you are in or what your requirements may be, AMG is there to provide you with the right solution. Contact AMG Products today and talk with one of our experts about your project.