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Metal Spacers

What is a Metal Spacer?

The term spacer is more closely related to an application and not a particular item. Shims, washers, gaskets, custom stampings, and cut off tubing may all be used as spacers. Gaskets, in the form of a spacer application, perform two roles. One is to fill the gap between flanges and the second is to seal the flanges against leaks. Washers are also used as spacers. For instance, a washer used on a bolt is in essence a spacer. It helps to keep the bolt head from deforming the hole when the bolt is tightened, and it also prevents the bolt head from marring the material.

Shims as spacers may perform many roles. Hardened shims are used as spacers in transmissions, differentials, speed take-offs, gearboxes, etc. They allow more precise gaging of tolerance stack ups. Shims are also used as spacers when mounting pumps and motors. They space the motor or pump away from the material it is being mounted to, such as a concrete floor, and it allows the pump or motor to be aligned with a driveshaft or outflow pipe.

Why Chose AMG Products?

AMG Products has been supplying a wide range of industries with metallic shims and spacers since 1904. We have extensive experience working with a variety of metals and configurations. Our experience enables us to better understand your requirements and offer a wide variety of tooling configurations to minimize lead time and tooling costs associated with your sealing device needs.

If your application requires a spacer, shim, washer, or metal stamping, contact an AMG representative today to discuss your requirements.